Why You Need a Rug Pad
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Why You Need a Rug Pad

Once you make the decision to purchase a high-quality rug, you’re going to ask yourself this inevitable question:

“Do I need a rug pad?”

The answer, of course, is yes. Getting a rug pad is like buying an insurance policy for your carpet. You’re protecting your investment just as you would your home or vehicle.

Keep reading to discover Tufenkian’s five benefits of using a rug pad.

Preserve Your Rug

A rug pad reduces friction between your rug and the floor. Because your rug isn’t directly touching the hard surface, the carpet won’t rub against the floor and wear out over time. A rug pad offers foundational support and extends the life of your rug.

Using a rug pad will prevent the carpet’s pile from being crushed. When stepped on, the pad’s density lets the pile spring back more quickly than if the rug were flat on the floor. Keeping the rug in place with a rug pad avoids the potential for the pile to come loose.

Protect Your Floor

A rug pad offers an added layer of protection for your floor. Without a pad, the rug could damage the hard surface and mark up areas of the floor where there is heavy furniture. The rug pad maintains the carpet’s position and absorbs impact instead of the floor.

Rug pads also keep dirt and debris from accumulating between your rug and the floor. These particles can damage a hard surface when there’s friction. A rug pad prevents the collected grime from tearing up the floor and also prevents color transfer when you place a rug on a carpet.

Prevent Accidents

A rug pad keeps your rug exactly where you want it to be. It decreases the chance of someone slipping, tripping, or sliding into an accident and getting hurt. Rug pads are critical in households where elderly people and children are walking (or running) around.

Even though your rug may be tethered by heavy furniture, there are still opportunities for the edges to bunch up and create hazards. Having a rug pad ensures your entire carpet is secure, especially when you’re vacuuming or moving furniture.

Promote Airflow

A rug pad allows air to flow between your rug and the floor. Dirt and allergens won’t get trapped because the rug is not pressed directly against the hard surface. Because the particles aren’t stuck under the rug, they’re easily scooped up and taken away by your vacuum.

Rug pads prevent bacteria from building up under your rug and causing issues such as mildew, mold, and odors. The design and material of a rug pad help your rug “breathe.” With proper ventilation from a rug pad, your rug will be cleaner and moisture-free.

Provide Cushioning

A rug pad absorbs the impact when your feet hit the floor. It provides extra comfort, sound absorption, and insulation. Adding a rug pad will make your steps more cushioned and quieter. It will also warm up the room and help you cut down on heating costs.

The thicker the rug pad, the more cushion you’ll get. However, be cautious about using a thick pad with a thin rug leaving your carpet more vulnerable to tears or punctures. In general, your rug pad should be about an inch shorter than your rug along each side. Your carpet should be ⅛th to ¼ inch off the floor.


So, Do You Need a Rug Pad?

Now that you’ve learned the benefits a rug pad can offer, what do you think? Are rug pads necessary?

We think we know your answer: YES! Now you understand how much value this accessory brings to your high-quality rug.

Our low profile pad offers a clean and unintrusive finish, and is a wonderful value. Shop all our rug pads now, and save 10% on a pad when purchased at the same time as your rug. Please note that rug pads are not returnable and non-refundable.

Contact us at Tufenkian to learn more about our rug pad options. Check out our wool area rugs, modern area rugs, and abstract area rugs online.

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